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As one of the leaders in the computer technology field, it’s hard to imagine that the city of Chandler was once little more than a tiny farming community. Originally founded in 1912 on the site where Dr. Alexander J. Chandler used the Native America canal system to create one of the most innovating and advanced irrigation systems in the country, Chandler has grown into a cutting edge city with it’s eyes on the horizon and dreams in the clouds.

Rich in history and culture, the Chandler Center for the Arts is one of the most impressive venues in the country, offering a 1,200 seat theater from which to enjoy circus events, dance performances, stage plays and more. Chandler is not only a seat of expression for various forms of art, but athletics as well. Home to the Iron Man Triathlon and the Rock -N- Roll Marathon, there are also parks, trails, golf courses, stadiums, horseback riding and many other venues for you to either spectate or participate in a multitude of outdoor activities, regardless of your preference.

The community of Chandler has also been recognized as one of the top birding locations in Arizona, specifically the Chandler’s Veterans Oasis Park. With over 150 species of birds, from egrets and herons to the Red-tailed Hawk and American Kestrel, it’s a great location for bird enthusiasts.

With a great number of Chandler houses for sale, you’ll certainly have your options to choose from. Whether you need just a simple, cozy townhome or a multi-bedroom house for a large family, everything you could possibly want is available. The Chandler houses for sale are among the most beautiful in the Valley and the community one of the more affluent, due to the growth of the technology field. However, despite first glance impressions, the housing in Chandler is quite affordable, while maintaining the look and feel of luxury suburbs. Your dream home is out there. Let’s go find it together!

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