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Small Town Feel with Big City Appeal. That’s the motto for the town of Gilbert and it’s well deserved. Gilbert homes offer the small, quaint feeling of a rustic, quiet town while still providing all the amenities of the big city as well as quick and easy access to the rest of the Phoenix major metropolitan area. Enjoy fine dining, eclectic shops and boutiques, and so much more in the wide variety of activities and amenities Gilbert has to offer.

For the Outdoorsman

Nature lovers will especially love living in Gilbert. With dozens of nature trails to explore, you can go hiking, walking, jogging, or cycling through the raw beauty of the desert landscape and still see something new every day! Not only that, but Gilbert is home to the one and only Riparian Institute, a 110-acre nature preserve of national acclaim. Come experience what more than one million visitors have enjoyed in the flawlessly conserved and maintained preserve; a true paradise and oasis in the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

Gilbert is Made for Sports Lovers

Gilbert is also home to the Big League Dreams Sports Park, where Major League Baseball teams from across the country come to enjoy spring training. There’s always a game to be seen, so make sure you arrive early to pick out the best seats in the house. There are also water parks to splash around in to help you and your family beat the summer heat, as well as the famously amazing San Tan Valley Shopping Center, offering a wide variety of outlet stores and great shopping opportunities unlike anything anywhere else in the Valley. There’s even a nationally recognized park for your canine companions in the Cosmo Dog Park, so get your frisbee or ball and get ready to watch your furry friend have the time of their life!

If you are considering Gilbert as your next home and have questions about the area or homes in the area I’d love to hear from you.  You can either call me or use the form provided here to send me a message. I am very quick to respond to all inquiries.  Thank you for visiting my website.

How to Buy a Home – Learn Details of Buying a House

How To Buy a Home

First Time Buying a House

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when looking to buy a home, especially if you’re a first-time buyer and don’t know what to expect. There are so many things to consider, so many things to plan for, it’s understandable and perfectly natural to feel stressed and a little intimidated. After all, it’s an intimidating and daunting prospect. Fortunately, there are professionals to help make this a less stressful and more enjoyable experience for you and get you on your way to living in your dream home. There are a few things to consider before you buy, however, and you should prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

Property Financing

First, and probably the most important thing to do is to get your finances in order. Now obviously, in today’s economy, that’s easier said than done, but if you’re looking at buying a single family home, you really need to be able to financially commit to this, well, commitment. Just make sure you’re getting your bills paid on time, particularly your rent, keep track of your credit rating, and don’t make any big purchases. You might qualify for a home loan now, but buying a new truck can change your credit situation and you could suddenly find yourself no longer qualified.

Affordable Neighborhoods or Fixer Uppers

Fixer-uppers may seem like a great way to get into a neighborhood you otherwise might not be able to afford, but take the time to really consider what a fixer-upper means and the amount of work involved, especially if you plan on doing the repairs yourself. Getting a home inspected before purchase is always a wise investment, ideally right after it rains so any water issues are easily spotted. The basement and foundation are particularly bad money pits, so be aware of these areas in particular when looking at a fixer-upper. There’s nothing wrong with buying a fixer-upper, mind you, just remember that it’s a major commitment and you need to be ready for that kind of work.

Your not a real estate agent, so make sure to trust your Realtor

Finally, get everything in writing and know exactly what’s happening. A lot of legalese and real estate jargon can leave you confused and overwhelmed. Don’t be ashamed of that, it’s completely natural. You don’t expect a plumber to know anything about astrophysics, nor would an astrophysicist know anything about plumbing. You’re not a real estate agent, so it’s natural you don’t know what “escrow” means. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to ask. Ask questions, that’s what your agent is there for, and make sure you know absolutely everything that is going on. You don’t want to be signing a contract if you don’t know exactly what it says.

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Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

10136616_lWhen you buy a home, you need to know exactly what you’re buying. Imagine how frustrated you would be to find out that the hot water heater wasn’t working—in the middle of a shower! This is why you should have a home inspection before you buy your home. A home inspection is an important part of buying your home. Before you hire a home inspector, ask candidates a few questions to make sure you hire a trustworthy inspector.

What does your inspection cover? Not all inspections are the same. Ask for copies of previous home inspections so you can see exactly what they will check inside the home. If you are concerned about something specific, like a leaky faucet in the bathroom, mention that to the inspector so they can check it out.

Are you licensed or certified? If you live in a state that licenses home inspectors, ask to see their license. At the very least, choose a home inspector who belongs to the American Society of Home Inspectors and or any other member association. This shows a level of professionalism and education that you can trust.

What kind of report will you give me? You should expect a written report detailing what the inspector found. Most inspectors will give you a typed report within a week of the inspection. Make sure the inspector will be available to explain anything on the report that does not make sense to you.

Will I be able to attend the inspection? If the inspector refuses to let you be present during the home inspection, find someone else. This is your chance to know exactly what you are buying and what potential repairs you or the seller will have to make.

As your real estate agent, I will guide you through the home buying process. Let me help you find your new home. Call me today at (520) 248-6879 or email me at

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East Valley Real Estate Market

1536x1024biltmore redHave you been considering moving to the East Valley area? Read more about the area now!

The city of Phoenix itself spreads over 14,000 square miles and has one of the fastest growing populations in the country. Often referred to as the Valley of the Sun or the Salt River Valley, the Phoenix Metro area consists of numerous smaller towns and communities within the region. The East Valley is a growing region of the Phoenix major metropolitan area that encompasses the communities of Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Tempe. Some definitions also include Apache Junction, San Tan Valley, Scottsdale, and Queen Creek, but the entire region is affluent, well-educated, and economically dynamic, with more than 1.3 million people in 650,000 households calling the East Valley their home.

With such a large area, there are certainly a great variety of East Valley homes for sale. It all comes down to what you’re looking for, both in a home and in the community you want to live in. Tempe, for example, is the epitome of the college lifestyle, with dozens of fine colleges to choose from, a thriving and vibrant nightlife, affordable housing in apartments, downtown studios, and charming townhouses. Scottsdale, on the other hand, is the very seat of luxury, offering quiet, quaint neighborhoods, classy downtown boutiques, golf courses and country clubs, and the finest in custom, luxury homes and private, gated communities. If you want to get back to nature, or reconnect to the simpler times of the Old West, Ahwatukee or Queen Creek are the places for you. Both towns are steeped in rich heritage that you can discover in museums and galleries, or see for yourself on the many nature trails for hiking or horseback riding, with homes ranging from simple cottages to sprawling ranch-style homes.

Bright, warm, and ever growing, the Valley of the Sun certainly lives up to it’s name and the East Valley in particular showcases the best of it. Hundreds of East Valley homes for sale, vibrant and growing communities, urban and outdoor activities, and more are all calling your name and welcoming you to your new home.

Condo or Single Family Home?

Albert Hernandez, East Valley RealtorSo you have been thinking of buying – here is a list that can assist you when it comes to choosing either an east valley single family home for sale or a condo in Scottsdale…or anywhere in the Valley for that matter!

The list can be helpful when you are not yet prepared to buy but are looking for a property to rent in San Tan Valley or considering a condo in Chandler, Gilbert or Scottsdale.

Condominium Living:

  • On the average, they tend to be less expensive than a single family home.
  • A condo is great for a person who does not want to be dealing with a lot of home maintenance.
  • The association may offer amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis court, clubhouse and possibly include a gym.
  • A negative would be a shared wall, occasionally you may hear your neighbor watching a television program or if they have loud guests over noise would be an issue.
  • Limited parking availability, does your unit come with a garage?

There are many things to consider when looking for your next place to call home, contemplating a condo is a wonderful idea is you are looking for a low maintenance home with many amenities.

Single Family Home:

  • Typically more expensive then condominiums
  • You have more space and livability, you don’t share a common wall with anyone so intruding noise will be minimized.
  • If a “backyard” is a MUST for you, then you will get a backyard with a single family home.
  • No sharing any of those amenities with your neighbors, the pool and gym are all yours (if you have them)
  • You are fully responsible for your own home maintenance. You will have to maintain landscaping in the front and backyard of a single family home.

If you would like more information on what is required to purchase a Condo or a Single Family Home in the Phoenix Metro Area, contact your East Valley Realtor Albert Hernandez today! He can assist you in finding the perfect property in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale and all of the major Phoenix areas, you won’t go wrong with Albert Hernandez!